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Our History

In 1988, Wessan Interactive was a very early entrant in the then, new field of interactive services. Having a substantial tenure in telecommunications and call center operations, our founders, Karen Westerfield and Terry Sanford set out to create an environment where clients could experience the power and cost efficiencies of interactive voice response without being intimidated by technology. One by one, we partnered with a broad range of Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, federal and state government, and privately held corporations, to provide state of the art interactive phone solutions.

Much has changed in the past 30 years. With the advent and rapid growth of the Internet at the end of the last century, Wessan was a pioneer in developing new teleservices to encompass collaborative IVR and web promotions. This type of innovation allowed our clients to be some of the very first organizations to include web addresses along with toll free numbers in their advertising mix. Additionally, Wessan was one of the first IVR and web site hosting companies to manage sweepstakes projects that shared a common database of phone, web and Text entries. With the proliferation of cell phones and the emergence of text messaging Wessan Interactive continues to evolve and answer our clients’ needs for SMS services. In 2010 the company was purchased by Michael Kepler, an employee of 19 years with Wessan Interactive. Michael was the Enterprise Manager at Wessan during that time and is committed to continuing the commitment to customers with a renewed commitment to service.

Today, Wessan’s secure, state of the art systems, process tens of millions of IVR calls, web hits and text messages each year. Our clients know our team will always meet or exceed their project objectives by providing a creative, cost effective solution, on schedule, at or below budget and supported by backend service that far exceed others in the industry.

What has not changed in the past 30 years, is our commitment to respond quickly, price fairly and deliver accurately every time we have the privilege of hearing from you!

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