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Absentee Services from Wessan Interactive

Wessan Interactive is a leading provider of employee absentee services.

Your employees will call a tollfree number to report their absence or late arrival. We track and report those absences in real time, and can also notify you by email or text. The Wessan absentee service supports multiple languages, tracking and reporting of all absences with data retention for as long as needed. An added feature is outbound notification via phone, text and email.

  • Self Maintenance of Employees
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Notifications
  • Completely automated
  • Features
    • Tracking
    • History
    • MultiLingual
    • Notifications
    • Real-time Reporting
    • Data Management
  • For more information on Wessan's Absentee Services, call Wessan Interactive today at 800-468-7800