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Interactive Integration

At Wessan, all communication channels can work together so your program is completely integrated. This means that all phone calls that were received or made by the IVR, all text messages and all web activity – either by a PC or a mobile web phone. This also means that all respondents can participate in your program via the phone, text OR web OR all three.

Viral Marketing Tool
By integrating multiple channels with Wessan, you could have a program where people go online, call a number posted on the web, use the phone to record their voice and then click a button online to email it to someone. By involving more than one channel, people will have more interaction and fun with your program, it will suddenly get a life of its own and spread like a virus. Everyone will want to interact with it and when they do, they will all want to share it.

Higher Response/Participation
By allowing your program participants the opportunity to respond via multiple channels, you will experience a higher than average participation to your program resulting in higher than average response rates.

One Collaborative Database Regardless of the source, Wessan collects, disseminates, manages and merges the data into a single collaborative database. As a result, you will have access to all of your response data in one location.

For more information on making your program completely integrated, call Wessan Interactive today at 800-468-7800 or click here to access our online form.

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